The Toronto Workers’ History Project has committees/groups which do work reflected in the mission of the TWHP. “*” indicates the chair of the committee

Archives Committee
Ulli Diemer
Gilberto Fernandes
Alia Karim (Chair)
Anna Larsen
Elizabeth Novak
Alex Thomson

Book Club
Rachel Gnanayutham(Chair)

Communications Committee
Kevin Brice-Lall
Ed Dunsworth
Glen Richards
Frank Saptel (Chair)

Exhibition Committee
Carol Anderson (Chair)
Jeanine Appleton-Bott
Karl Beveridge
Carole Conde
Craig Heron

Theatre Group
Aida Jordão (chair)
Rob Fairley
Susan Gravek
JP Hornick
John Humphrey
Andy King
Holly Kirk Connell
Anna Larsen
Virginia Thomson

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