Here is a sampling of links for labour and other related projects in North America.

Toronto and Area

Oral History Links

The Robert S. Kenney Collection

“This is a link to a series of leftist oral history interviews. Most of them are with Canadian Communists, although some are with Canadian and American Trotskyists and one is with a Salvadoran from the FMLN in the 1980s. A majority are interviews I did between the 1980s and early 2000s but there are eight done by Karen Levine in the 1970s with important figures in the Canadian CP involving the 1956 crisis in the party.”

Elsewhere in Canada

Labour History in New Brunswick
Écomusee du fier monde (Montreal)
Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre (Hamilton)
Ottawa Workers’ History Museum
Manitoba Historical Society
Alberta Labour History Institute (Edmonton)
BC Labour Heritage Centre (Vancouver)
Myseum Intersections program

United States of America

The DIY digital storytelling of the
University of Minnesota’s Immigration History Research Centre

Toronto Labour History Walking Tours. Toronto’s rich and dramatic history of working people—the unions we organized, and the key battles we have waged and won—has largely been buried in o cial histories of the city. Just as city naturalists have uncovered the buried creeks that criss-cross the city in a process they call “sunshining” a river, Mapping Our Work: Toronto Labour History Walking Tours is a way to bring some of our union history into the light of day. DOWNLOAD THE PDF

BC Labour Heritage – Twitter – @BC_LHC
Ottawa Workers’ History Museum – @WorkersHistory
Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre – @WorkersHistory
Injured Workerd History Project – @injuredworkersonline
Toronto Ward Museum – @TOWardMuseum
Écomusée du fier monde – @EcomuseeEFM

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