• a social justice activist?
• a labour/union supporter?
• a lover of community theatre? and
• Indigenous, Black, or a Person of Colour?

Then the Toronto Workers’ Theatre Group WANTS YOU!!! 

It’s been a long wait to get back on the boards and the theatre group of the Toronto Workers History Project is eager to perform again. We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who, over the past four years, have produced short plays about the history of Toronto working people, for the TWHP’s monthly meetings. You can see some of our plays on YouTube: Organize, Educate, Resist; Toronto 1919; and Emma’s Last Visit.

Creating and staging our plays is a collective process that brings together a rich diversity of writing, directing, and acting experience. In our performances the group aims at engaging and involving the audience to bring to life some dramatic moments in Toronto labour history. 

In March of 2022 we will produce Radical Housewives, a play about the dynamic women who fought for price controls in the 1930s and 1940s. The Housewives Consumers Association mobilized thousands of women to sign petitions, march through the streets, and send mass delegations to Ottawa to curb the price of household goods like milk and butter. Our new play, inspired by Julie Guard’s book of the same name, speaks to the critical issue of food security and connects an inspirational past with the struggles of working women, low-income workers, racialized communities, and labour activists today.

After our initial script development with labour historian and playwright Craig Heron, we are preparing to workshop and rehearse our new play:

What: Radical Housewives
When: January to March 2022
Where: Toronto Steelworkers Hall

We would love to talk to you about being part of our next play and long-term participation in the Toronto Workers Theatre Group! No acting experience necessary. Great fun.

Please contact Community Arts Director
Aida Jordão at

AnnouncementACTORS from BIPOC COMMUNITIES Wanted!