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Tuesday, May 9th, 7 PM (ET)

In September 1986, one thousand Toronto garment workers launched strike action against 18 clothing factories up and down Spadina Avenue. Most of the strikers were immigrant women — many racialized. It was the first industry-wide strike on Spadina since the 1930s. After four days of vigorous, often festive, picketing — the strike was won!

Workers returned to work with better pay, better benefits, and a renewed sense of their collective power. One victorious striker declared: ‘We will never be slaves again’. Toronto’s labour movement emerged with a renewed, dynamic cadre of young union leaders and activists. Most were women.

Join us to hear four leaders of that strike reflect on labour’s best September on Spadina. And to hear from the photographer who captured all the action on the street, in a powerful collection of images — to be presented!



  • Janet Dassinger, Researcher (Ontario Municipal Sector), CUPE
  • Winnie Ng, Longtime Labour & Community Leader
  • Marcie Ponte, Executive Director, Working Women Community Centre
  • Lisa Sakulensky, Photographer
  • Herman Stewart, Longtime Labour & Community Leader



  • Myer Siemiatycki, Labour Historian


EventSpadina on Strike: The 1986 Garment Workers’ Win