From our monthly meeting on 24 Sept. 2018.

Toronto has been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years,
including the Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and most recently the Mississaugas
of the New Credit First Nation. Today, it remains home to many
Indigenous people from across Turtle Island.

It goes without saying that most of Toronto’s Indigenous inhabitants –
like its other inhabitants – are, for a sizable portion of their lives,
workers. And many are aware that the processes that gave rise to Toronto
as a workers’ city – immigration, capitalist development, liberalization
– went hand in hand with the dispossession of Indigenous peoples. In
spite of this, we seldom bring together these two deeply intertwined
histories of Indigenous people and labour. This forum attempts to bridge
this gap.

Moderated by David Kidd. Presentations by:

* Zachary Smith (Anishinaabe), PhD Candidate in Indigenous history at
the University of Toronto.

* Margaret Sault, Director of Lands, Research and Membership,
Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

EventVideo from the Toronto Purchase Revisited