Bell telephone operators strike (37 Temperance St. at Bay St., but no longer exists)

In 1907, hundreds of female telephone operators walked out in response to Bell Telephone’s plan to cut their wages and increase work hours, a precursor to today’s precarious employment struggles. At the time Bell’s central exchange was at 37 Temperance St. near Bay St., but no longer exists. “William Lyon Mackenzie King, the future Prime Minister, was assigned to investigate the circumstances leading to the walkout and due to the women’s insistence and organization they did get improvements to their

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The Athenaeum Club (167 Church St.) 

Originally an athletic club built in 1891, this building was known as the “Labour Temple” from 1904-1968 after the club was purchased by the Toronto Trades and Labour Council by selling shares to members of associated unions. “A library was set up, many unions had their offices located here, and for the 64 years it operated as the centrepiece of the Toronto labour movement, and many meetings held here to discuss the key issues of the day,” says David Kidd,

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