Born in South Africa and with a career as a teacher in Durban, Jay Nair was forced to flee for political reasons and ended up in Canada, first as a security guard and then as a meat-cutter, where he became active in the United Food and Commercial Workers.  

In this series of three interviews, he focuses on his activism for human rights and against racism, as well as his work as a UFCW staff member.   Interviewed by Kate Whiteway and Andy King

Interview #1

Jay Nair outlines his personal history, and the racism he faced when he came to Canada.  He discusses his work as a staff member of the UFCW from 1985 to 2000.

Interview #2

Nair discusses his human rights work and fight for diversity within the labour movement leadership.

Interview #3

Nair elaborates on his anti-racism work and representation of employees in the healthcare sector, and shares thoughts on the future of the labour movement.

Oral History ProjectJayram (Jay) Nair